Offers the best event tents in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  We also offer best-in-class service from our event tent crews upon arrival to your event!  We have no hidden fees for securing or set-up of your tent. 

A single hi-peak tent is pictured here (tent drapes typically not included).  It can seat approximately 40 - 50 people.  Great for small private events!

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We can add side walls with or without windows to your tent for an affordable price.  This idea is great for adding privacy to your next event.  

Enjoy a quick video of our crews recently putting up six 20' X 20' hi-peak tents at a local church here in Atlanta.  We can provide relief from the weather with our tents!  


Pictured above is a 20' X 30' stake tent.  Like the hi-peak tent, it can seat approximately 50 people. This tent is great for small family reunions!

Multiple hi-peak tents can be put together to provide large area cover.  This type of layout can be combined to make large area cover of 20' or 40' by 40', 60', 80', 100', or more!  This set-up is great for large corporate functions!

O F   A T L A N T A

We can also provide cover with large tents. These types of tents can range in size from 30' or 40' by 55', 60', 70', 80' or larger.  This style of tent is great for coverage of very large parties.  

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